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MMNG 2020 Cancelled  16 Jun 2020

Because of the pandemic, MMNG 2020 has been cancelled.

The MMNG Planning Committee met virtually on Tuesday evening, June 16. Given the unsettled state of affairs regarding COVID-19 currently and for the foreseeable future, the decision was made that there will not be any MMNG function this year.

For those who wish to camp anyway, there is the possibility of August 9-16 at Camp Gaea, assuming they have opened by then. All arrangements will have to be made directly with Camp Gaea (see their web site at https://gaearetreat.org). Any camping during this week would be under Gaea rules (restricted areas of nudity, etc.).There will be no meals or scheduled activities. Note that this is not an MMNG function, there is no MMNG registration, and we will have no additional information about the week including who will be there, etc.

Registration will open for MMNG 2021 on February 15.

Policy on Pets and Service Animals  05 Oct 2019

The only animals allowed at MMNG are authorized, trained and vaccinated service animals who provide support to the attendee on a full-time basis (as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act). Service animals must be under the control of the handler at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered at all times. Attendees planning on bringing a service animal should notify MMNG via email (Contact Us Page) prior to May 31 to register their service animal.

If an attendee arrives at MMNG with any other animal, the attendee will be directed to camp in a non-populated area of the campground (where the animal must remain), or remove/board the animal as a condition of attendance.

Some Statistics from 2019  18 Jun 2019

Come Early, Stay Late!  07 Feb 2019

MMNG officially runs from 9:00 am on Wednesday through 12:00 noon on Sunday, but you are welcome to arrive early or stay late. The pre-gathering period from noon Sunday through Tuesday is very popular. MMNG will have exclusive use of Camp Gaea from 8:00 am on Monday until noon on Sunday. The camp is open to other groups and individuals before and after the event.

If you arrive before Sunday or wish to stay after MMNG, check in and pay at the registration building.  For the MMNG event itself, MMNG organizers will collect fees and pay Camp Gaea in turn.  This year the main camping ridge is rented out to another group who has exclusive use of the ridge until noon, Sunday June 9th. While all other areas of the camp are open for camping during this weekend, MMNG campers can begin setting up on the ridge only after noon, Sunday June 9th.  Please be patient as you wait for a favored campsite to open up.

You can view the Camp's website and calendar of events at gaearetreat.org.  Many wonderful and interesting people camp at Camp Gaea each year.  Coming early and staying late is a great way to get a feel for what camp is like outside of the MMNG event.

Links to Local Groups  13 Feb 2017

We are looking for links to your local male naturist group's web site and/or e-mail address that can be put on the Links page (on the Info menu). This could be of service to those who are traveling and who might want to visit your group.

If you would like to be represented there, please contact Tom, our Webmaster. His address is on the Links page.

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