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Registration Fee Increase  06 Jun 2024

We have all experienced the impact of recent high inflation on our personal budgets. Unfortunately, MMNG expenses are not immune to inflation, either. Gaea rental rates have increase and our catering costs have risen 41% in recent years. Because of this, MMNG had to increase camp registration fees. We appreciate your understanding.

We still need volunteers for MMNG 2024 - UPDATED  01 Jun 2024

Activities needing volunteers to run the activity:

(Most important are in red.)

  1. Coordinator for music & lighting at the Pavillion

  2. Memorial & Drumming Circle

  3. First aid - you should have at least first aid & CPR/AED training. OEC, EMT & Paramedic are the best trainings for this rural campground.

  4. Volleyball (multiple times)

  5. Friends of Bill (multiple days)

  6. Manscaping

If you have any questions about an Activity contact the Activities Coordinator. Please let the Activities Coordinator know as soon as possible which activities you would like to help with. MMNG is run by volunteers. It's fun & successful because of its volunteers. 

Thank you.

Electric Vehicle Charging  07 Feb 2023

Camp Gaea does NOT have electric vehicle charging stations. We will have only ONE 50 amp outlet located near the entrance to the dam/lake designated for electric vehicle charging. Charging EV at other locations on the camp grounds is not allowed. This charging location is shared by all electric vehicles owners and is only for sufficient charge to allow for travel to the nearest commercial EV charging station. Thank you for being considerate of all needing to charge their vehicles.

2024 Food and Drinks  06 Feb 2023

For 2024, formal meal service will include catered lunch and evening meals on Wednesday through Saturday.

Iced tea, lemonade and ice water will be available at designated locations. Attendees provide their own soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Breakfast will be the responsibility of attendees to arrange on their own, or in collaboration with other attendees. Attendees will have access to refrigerators in the Kitchen for personal food storage only. The Kitchen area is closed to all meal preparation.

Please note that during the Pre-Gathering, no meals are provided. Plan ahead and bring extra food for these days. There are grocery stores in Tonganoxie and Leavenworth.

Groups hosting Cocktail Socials may supply alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks, but quantities will be limited.

Bags of ice are available on-site for purchase; however, availability may be limited at times between deliveries. 

MMNG COVID-19 Policy  25 Jan 2023

Because the health crisis has stabilized we no longer require CoVid-19 vaccinations. However, we still encourage all campers to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 along with any other CDC recommended vaccinations. This decision is based on current public health conditions and subject to change if those conditions change. 

Some Statistics from 2022  22 Jan 2023

Policy on Pets and Service Animals  05 Oct 2019

The only animals allowed at MMNG are authorized, trained and vaccinated service animals who provide support to the attendee on a full-time basis (as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act). Service animals must be under the control of the handler at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered at all times. Attendees planning on bringing a service animal should notify MMNG via email (Contact Us Page) prior to May 15 to register their service animal.

If an attendee arrives at MMNG with any other animal, the attendee will be directed to camp in a non-populated area of the campground (where the animal must remain), or remove/board the animal as a condition of attendance.

Come Early, Stay Late!  07 Feb 2019

MMNG officially runs from 9:00 am on Wednesday through 12:00 noon on Sunday, but you are welcome to arrive early or stay late. The pre-gathering period from noon Sunday through Tuesday is very popular. MMNG will have exclusive use of Camp Gaea from 8:00 am on Monday until noon on Sunday. The camp is open to other groups and individuals before and after the event.

If you arrive before Sunday or wish to stay after MMNG, you must register and pay directly with Gaea Retreat Center on their webpage the week you plan to be there https://gaearetreat.org/events/weekly1. For the MMNG event itself, MMNG organizers will collect fees and pay Camp Gaea in turn.  This year the main camping ridge is rented out to another group who has exclusive use of the ridge until noon, Sunday June 11th. While all other areas of the camp are open for camping during this weekend, MMNG campers can begin setting up on the ridge only after noon, Sunday June 11th.  Please be patient as you wait for a favored campsite to open up.

You can view the Camp's website and calendar of events at gaearetreat.org.  Many wonderful and interesting people camp at Camp Gaea each year.  Coming early and staying late is a great way to get a feel for what camp is like outside of the MMNG event.

Links to Local Groups  13 Feb 2017

We are looking for links to your local male naturist group's web site and/or e-mail address that can be put on the Links page (on the Info menu). This could be of service to those who are traveling and who might want to visit your group.

If you would like to be represented there, please contact our Webmaster. His address is on the Links page, located under the Info tab at the top of the page.

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