Our History

GaeaOnce upon a time there were some guys living in the Kansas City area who were familiar with a new campground that had just opened to serve the needs of groups of people who were having a hard time renting or using other facilities due to discrimination based on the nature of their groups. These groups, including Pagans, Radical Fairies, witches and others, banded together to create a safe place for everyone to use. They created a not-for-profit group named Earth Rising, Inc. to oversee the camp and named it Gaea Retreat Center (Camp Gaea). Earth Rising is dedicated to environmentally responsible, nondiscriminatory support of groups and individuals that practice alternative lifestyles. Camp Gaea, located just outside of Kansas City, Kansas, is available for day use and for rental either in part or exclusively for larger events.


MMNGOne of the groups involved hosted an annual Midwest Men's Festival where most attendees were gay and some attended in the nude. This inspired the guys from the Kansas City area to organize a more-specific gay men's nudist event. The first Midwest Male Naturist Gathering (MMNG) took place in June of 1993 and had about 60 attendees. Now the event is a June staple for midwestern gay naturists and draws 150 - 200 attendees each year (a number cap set by MMNG to maintain the feel and spirit of the event). MMNG is coordinated entirely by volunteers who share the multitude of duties and tasks that make the event possible. The event is considered not-for-profit so fees are set to cover the costs of the event and any excess is donated to charity, most often Camp Gaea for improvements that directly benefit the future attendees of MMNG.