Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where does MMNG happen?

MMNG rents Camp Gaea for its exclusive use for the MMNG event. You can learn more about Camp Gaea by checking out their website at

2. How to I get to Gaea from the airport?

Registrants will receive an information packet in May that includes a map and detailed driving directions to the camp.

Since only a small number of attendees fly in to attend MMNG, no shuttle is provided for the approximate 1 hour drive from the KCI Airport to the camp. You must either rent a vehicle or arrange a ride with another attendee.

3. What should I bring?

There's not much you will need to bring but some things to put on the list are: hat, sunscreen, towels, pillow and bedding or sleeping bag, flashlight, fanny pack, camera (no video), musical instruments, lawn chair, beach toys, jacket for cool evenings, extra pair of shoes, club banners, board games, pictures from previous years & club events, personal alcoholic drinks/pop/snacks, personal hygiene items including soap and shampoo, and insect repellent. Campers who are finicky eaters or who have special dietary restrictions may wish to bring food to supplement the prepared meals.

4. What's the deal with extra fees?

MMNG is a not-for-profit endeavor and registration fees are set to cover expected/planned costs. Basic registration fees are the same regardless of accomodation (cabin, tent, RV, etc.). However, there are a couple of extra fees charged to offset additional costs incurred due to specific needs of some attendees.

  1. Impact Fee: RVs and other axle-based camping units are charged an impact fee to improve, upgrade and expand the area used by these units. Only one impact fee is charged per unit regardless of number of campers sleeping in that unit. See the registration form for details.
  2. Electric Fee: For those with medical needs or the desire to have an electrical hookup there is an electric fee charged. We encourage attendees to limit electrical use since the availability is quite limited. It is only fair that those who do use power pay for that service. Electricity is provided in cabins at no additional cost. Tent campers and axle-based camping units that can go without electricity are not subject to this surcharge. Please see the registration page for the current electrical fees.
  3. Paypal Fee: If you would like to pay your fees with a credit card we use the online service PayPal™. Due to the added cost of this service a small fee is added to your Registration Fee. Directions on how to use this service are found on the Registration Form.


5. Can I reserve a cabin or campsite in advance?

Specific cabins or locations for tents or RVs cannot be reserved in advance. A few tent sites (those near electrical outlets) are reserved for campers with medical needs and some cabins may be designated as "quiet" cabins for those who wish to get to bed early. Earplugs are often a good idea if you have trouble sleeping since there is not a "no-snoring" cabin.

6. Is electricity available?

There is electricity in the cabins that will support basics like fans, simple lights and medical needs. Recent improvements provide quality RV electrical connections but locations and infrastructure are limited so it may not be available to all RVs. See your Registration Packet for more info on the availability and limitations of electric hookups.

Availability of electricity in the tent camping areas of Camp Gaea is very limited and limited to those with medical needs. If you choose to pay for electricity there are no guarantees on availability and location.

Tent campers who wish to use electricity for decorative purposes are encouraged to use solar or battery power (neither provided by MMNG or Camp Gaea).

Generators can only be used south of the pavilion near the "Elysium" camping area. The MMNG RV coordinator will direct you upon arrival.

7. What's the weather like?

June weather in Kansas is usually hot and muggy (perfect for a naked event!) but it can sometimes be much cooler. Average daytime temperatures are around 80 and nighttime lows around 60. At least one torrential thunderstorm is almost guaranteed.

8. Do I have to be naked all the time?

MMNG is a nudist event, not clothing optional, so you are expected to be nude at most times. Remember that everyone else is naked, and MMNGers come in all sizes, heights, weights and ages. People attend MMNG because it's a nudist gathering!

If cool temperatures or activities require clothing for comfort or safety you may wear what is necessary. It is not uncommon to need a shirt or light jacket at night. Kilts, sarongs and sweatpants are much more comfortable than tight jeans.

9. Is alcohol allowed?

MMNG does not supply alcoholic beverages but you are welcome to bring your own. Groups or individuals may supply limited quantities of alcoholic beverages at cocktail parties or other activities but the key word is limited. We expect you to drink responsibly or you will be ejected from the event.

Drugs are not allowed.

10. Can I take pictures at MMNG?

Yes, with some restrictions. We do not allow dedicated video camera; devices with video capacity should only use them for still photos. Attendees may opt to wear a nametag that indicates they do not want to be photographed, but a camper who declines to be photographed is restricted from taking photos himself.

Those taking photographs retain copyrights to their photos but when signing their registration form and ticket for entry into the event agree not to publish or display any photo taken at MMNG in any public forum or venue either online or in print without express permission of those pictured. The only approved method of sharing photos taken with other attendees is through a private, password-protected online photo album set up by MMNG each year. Details on this photo album will be provided to attendees at MMNG.

Privacy at an event such as MMNG is very important and we have been very fortunate that attendees have been very respectful of other attendees by limiting access to photos taken at our event. Clearly we all wish to have photos documenting the event to remember the fun and faces we enjoyed but your cooperation in keeping such photos private is the only way we can allow them to be taken. Anyone who abuses this respect will be removed from the event with no refund and banned in the future.

11. Can I bring Fluffy?

If Fluffy is your pet name for your hairy belly, yes. If it's a cat, dog or any other animal, no. Pets, with exception of human helper animals, are not allowed at MMNG.

12. Is there something I can help with?

Every MMNG attendee is expected to help make the event a success by spending a couple of hours volunteering for to help with meals, dining hall and camp cleanup, checking in attendees, gate duty, and bathhouse cleanup. You will be asked to sign-up for at least two volunteer duties when you arrive and check in. Relying on volunteer participants to run MMNG keeps costs low, the jobs are usually more fun than work, and they're an excellent way to meet fellow MMNGers!

In addition to volunteering, there are other opportunities for you to get involved such as leading a workshop, hosting a cocktail party or coordinating games — all essential to making MMNG interesting and fulfilling. Finally, we ask that everyone participate in the organized events. Play volleyball, do the body painting, attend a workshop, and have an act in the talent show.

13. How do I schedule an activity at MMNG?

To formally schedule an activity you wish to lead call or email us and we will put it on the schedule. Or you can simply bring along your games, supplies, or handouts and we'll fit it in whenever it seems to work. Some things, like kite flying, don't need to be scheduled and will just happen whenever attendees are in the mood — simply let other attendees know it's available. From horseshoes to showing slides from your trip to Australia, anything is fair game as long as MMNG attendees are interested. If you get approval in advance, MMNG will reimburse you up to $100 for costs related to your activity.

14. Can I host a cocktail party?

Individuals, groups, or businesses are invited to host all-camp cocktail parties in the afternoon or evening, but they must get approval from MMNG prior to the event. Hosting means you get to choose your theme and what you supply. You buy it, set it up, serve it, and clean up afterward. We can assist you with ideas for snacks and drinks and as well as suggest quantities to supply. MMNG will reimburse up to $300 of the cost to host a party but costs usually exceed this amount so some expenses will fall on the host(s). Alcoholic beverages are usually expected to be a part of these parties but you should respect that some attendees don't drink and supply alternatives for them as well.

15. What about my special dietary needs?

MMNG attempts to provide a tasty and filling menus that suit the needs of most attendees yet which stay within a limited budget and other constraints. Limited vegetarian options are made available but we are unable to adjust the menu to suit specific needs of individual attendees. If you have very specific limitations or requirements, you may wish to supplement the regular MMNG menu with some of your own food. Grocery stores are available within a 20 minute drive of Camp Gaea.

16. Can I store my personal food in the camp fridge?

There is not enough space for storage of any special foods in the kitchen. Plan on using a cooler for personal food and drink. Hosts of cocktail parties will have access to limited cooler space if needed. Medicines that must be refrigerated will be accommodated. Please note that bagged ice is available for purchase outside the dining hall.

17. What is the benefit auction?

MMNG attendees are encouraged to donate items for the annual fundraiser auction. Proceeds from the auction are used to improve Camp Gaea and for future MMNG events.

18. Can I sell my stuff at MMNG?

If you wish to sell crafts or other items at MMNG, please let us know in advance. If we approved your request you will be asked to make an appropriate donation of some sort to MMNG. Please contact us in advance of MMNG to work out the details.

19. Can I change my photo and contract preferences?

Certainly! The desire to limit or not limit photos can be done at any time prior to or during MMNG. We will simply make a new nametag indicating your choice. Contact information and the choice to be listed in our directory or not can only be changed through the end of May since it will be printed at that time. Please note that your contact information is only kept by MMNG for a period of 5 years after you last attend MMNG and is not shared with anyone besides attendees if you approved this. If you move and we do not receive an updated address you will be dropped from the list immediately. You may also request to be removed from the list at any time.

20. What if I change my plans?

We know that situations can change and some who register will not be able to attend as planned. Since we expect to have full registration, please let us know as soon as possible if you must cancel or adjust when you will attend MMNG so we can notify those on the waiting list. There is a small cancellation fee if you cancel before the deadline, but no refund will be given if you cancel after the deadline or simply don't show up in June. Please note that the PayPal™ fee, if paid, is not refundable. Please see the registration page for the cancellation fee and deadline.